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  • 鼻腔冲洗器可有效减少鼻腔不适
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As the seasons change, the nasal cavity itches and often feels very uncomfortable. But it makes us powerless, and we don't know what to do. So how can you better deal with this situation? In fact, you should buy a nasal irrigator at home.
Nasal irrigator is a kind of artificial product for cleaning the nasal cavity, which is usually placed at home to clean the nasal cavity. This effectively removes the foreign bodies in the nasal cavity and quickly eliminates the initial symptoms in the nasal cavity. Therefore, it is generally recommended to choose a nasal irrigator, which is not only cheap, but also convenient if you have itchy nose.
Don't wash your nose with cold water and honey. Cold water can cure rhinitis
Every morning when you get up to wash your face, you should first drink a lot of cold water, take a deep breath, directly immerse your face in the basin, and then exhale with your nose. Continue. Only one nose is ventilated and the nose is exhaled. Repeat this operation 10 times. It takes some patience and endurance, but it works for rhinitis. It must be cold water.
Honey is a beauty and health food for all ages. Honey can be used to learn recipes and to treat atrophic rhinitis. When washing face every morning, first clean the nose SC, completely expose the mucous membrane of the nose to the air, dip honey with a cotton swab, and then evenly smear it on the affected area. I feel pain and itching, and the smell disappears.
However, allergic rhinitis should not be used to wash the nose with cold water. Yes.
Dry the nasal cavity with a nasal washer and clean it every day
Patients with chronic rhinitis often feel nose discomfort when the weather is dry or air pollution is serious. Symptoms may include: nose itching, nose rhinitis, breathing air is very dry. If someone simply grasps the nose with his hand, it can easily illuminate the rupture of the capillary in the nasal cavity, damage the nasal mucosa, and further aggravate the microcirculation inside the nose.
Nasal irrigator can solve this problem well, and will not damage the nasal mucosa. Secondly, it can relieve congestion and dry environment in the nasal cavity. There is a rash on the inside of the nose, and these very hard noses gradually soften as they pass through the nasal gasket.
In addition, washing the nose with a nasal washer will clean the bacteria in the nose and directly improve the microenvironment in the nasal cavity. This is more direct and has fewer side effects than medication.
Note: when washing the nose, the concentration and temperature of salt water are very important, and the depth of the nose is also important. It's hard to do it by hand. We recommend that you use a saline nasal washer to wash your nose without side effects!