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  • 使用盐水洗鼻好处多多
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一、盐水洗鼻的具体操作 洗鼻的具体操作是很重要的,因为鼻粘膜是个敏感的组织,破坏了鼻粘膜,不但不能起到治疗作用,反而会加重症状,所以建议大家选择我们专业的奇炜气囊式洗鼻盐进行治疗。
I. the specific operation of nasal washing with salt water is very important. Because the nasal mucosa is a sensitive tissue, which destroys the nasal mucosa, it can not play a therapeutic role, but will aggravate the symptoms. Therefore, we suggest that you choose our professional Qiwei air bag nasal washing salt for treatment.
2. Saline nasal washing is mainly to use a certain pressure (or suction, or gravity, or mechanical pressure) to send saline into the nostril, through the nasal vestibule (the part exposed outside the head), sinuses, nasal passages around the nasopharynx, or from one side of the nostril, or from the mouth. Through the above routes, with the help of the bactericidal effect of normal saline and the impact of water flow, the accumulated pathogenic and dirty water in the nasal cavity is discharged, so as to restore the normal physiological environment of the nasal cavity, restore the self detoxification function of the nasal cavity, and achieve the purpose of protecting the nasal cavity. On the basis of scientific principles, salt water rhinoplasty is a safe and effective treatment method after many cases of practice. Not necessarily rhinitis patients, normal people can also use. Imagine how pleasant it would be to clean the dust and bacteria inhaled during the day before going to bed at night.